Eyebrow Disaster

Hello my loves I know it’s been some time since I last did a blog post. I’m slowly coming back into the blogging game but today I wanted to talk about this wack experience that I had a few days ago.

So I thought it would be a great idea to get my eyebrows tinted and threaded, you know treat yourself and all that jazz.

So I went to Superdrug because I know it’s cheap and everyone else seems to have amazing results there.

I can tell you now amazing is far from the word that I would use to describe my experience.

**Now in no means does this mean I’m slandering Superdrug or giving them a bad rep this is literally just my own experience.**

So story time,

I waltzed into Superdrug sat down in the chair and asked for a tint and thread. I wasn’t ask what shape I wanted, I was just asked what colour tint I wanted which was obviously dark brown as that’s the colour of my hair.

Anyway, she cracked on and threaded my eyebrows everything was brilliant until she handed me the mirror.

I wasn’t happy with the results as the eyebrow shape really did not fit my face shape but maybe this was my fault because I didn’t ask?? But I was pretty sure that eyebrow technician’s are supposed to know what eyebrow shape suits your face shape??

Next was the dye now I’m not a technician but I’m pretty sure dye isn’t supposed to drip off of your face.

As you can tell my eyebrows look unbelievably uneven and way too much dye was put on them.

I was even sat in the chair with dye on my eyebrows for 15 plus minutes (I kinda lost track of time whilst looking at how tragic they were) whilst the lady proceeded to thread other people’s eyebrows that were waiting.

Anyway, 15 minutes later the lady took the dye off my brows and I was on my way.

This was the result…

Now if you ask me this does not look like natural brows and in fact looks absolutely terrible.

After hours of scrubbing I managed to get them to look semi normal but I definitely would not recommend.

I suppose you have to laugh about it in the end.

Yours truly,

K x