March Beauty Must-Haves

Hello my Lovelies I’m back again with another blog post! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day, mine on the other hand has been an absolute nightmare. I had some bloods drawn this morning for a routine check-up and the nurse accidentally hit a nerve! So I’m mostly typing with my right hand as my left arm is currently injured.

Anyway, onto today’s post. I thought I would share with you my favourite beauty favourites, basically which products I’ve been totally loving this month.

One of the many products I’ve been loving this month is the Benefit KA Brow in shade 3. Now this isn’t exactly the cheapest brow product ever, it retails for £20.50 which you can purchase from Boots, House of Fraser, Debenhams and other beauty stores. I’m not usually one to spend that amount of money on a brow product but I do have to say it does wonders for my sparse, lifeless eyebrows. the packaging is stunning let’s be real, I just love the packaging of Benefit products, I think they’re just beautiful. It defiantly looks high-end.


The second product I’ve been loving the past couple of weeks is another product from Benefit. It’s the Benefit Bad Gal BANG Mascara, which I have done a full review on a few weeks ago so I won’t babble on too much about it. If you’d like to find out more about it make sure you check out my blog post —> here. I absolutely love this mascara, my eyelashes lack volume and length so for me a usually go for a mascara that does both as well as using an eyelash curler everyday. This mascara was on another level, it was almost as if I was wearing fake eyelashes. I would totally recommend this mascara to anyone!




Next up is the Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Foundation which I have also done a full review of and you can check it out —> here. I’ve been loving this foundation so much, it’s even my daily go to foundation now. The coverage is amazing and it’s even great for my awfully dry skin. Doesn’t crease up through-out the day, doesn’t look cakey. I just love it so much. If you haven’t tried it, you need to.


OK, so the last item on my list that I’ve been absolutely loving this month is the Soph X Revolution Eyeshadow Palette which you can purchase from Superdrug for a bargain price of £10! Yes £10! The palette contains a range of shades, 14 mattes and 10 shimmers which is an amazing deal, 24 shades in total. There is a massive variety of shades in the palette which means you can create so many looks with just using one palette! One of my favourite shades in the palette is a shimmer called Grow Old. Apply this with your finger to your lid and it literally looks like foil. Buy, buy, buy, buy.


Thanks for reading, what’s your favourite beauty products of the month?

Until next time,

K x


Maybelline Superstay 24hr Foundation… Worth It?

Hello my Lovelies and welcome back to my blog! I hope you’ve all been having a lovely week because I know I have! Is it just me or am I the only person that is soooo glad the snow has finally gone? There’s no more fighting over bread and milk, everyome can go back to work, I can order take-aways, yay!

Sorry it’s been a little while since I last posted but I’ve been making major changes to my blog and Instagram. It’s been absolute madness. Let me know what you think of my blog now that I’ve shaped everything up.

I thought I would share with you today my thoughts on the Maybelline Superstay 24hr Foundation. I only buy drugstore foundation because being a student and all that we have a budget we need to stick to.

I purchased this foundation from Superdrug for £9.99 which I thought was a pretty good price point for a foundation. It’s affordable even for those who are on a budget. Onto what the foundation is supposed to do.

Superdrug describes this foundation:

“SuperStay 24h full coverage foundation completely corrects visible flaws and imperfections making it the perfect base for a hi-impact make-up look. 
Relentless, all day wear. Lightweight hi-pigment coverage. Flawless transformation. 

Skin type: 
Suitable for all skin types. 
Finish: Soft matte. 
Coverage: Full 
End result: Transform your skin. 
Wear: All day wear (up to 24hr)”

DISCLAIMER: At the moment my skin is extremely dry so this foundation review will be based on my opinion on how the foundation works for people with dry skin.

Right off the bat I love the packaging. It’s plain, simple and classy. Doesn’t look cheap, doesn’t look expensive so you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for; which in my opinion is great.

I applied this foundation with a damp sponge and it applied so effortlessly and blended amazing. Like no joke, I was a bit shook because I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. The coverage was on another level. When it says the coverage is full, it really is. For £9.99 can you go wrong? It’s easily build able and does an amazing job of blurring pores and concealing blemishes.

This foundation is super full coverage but doesn’t feel heavy on your skin at all. Even better it doesn’t look like you’ve just dipped your face in paint like some drugstore foundations do. As for how the foundation reacted with my dry skin, it was great. I mean I did plaster on loads of moisturiser before hand but it didn’t cling to dry patches at all which I was really surprised by.

As for matching up to the description it does definitely do what it’s supposed to do! I would highly recommend this foundation for anyone who’s on a budget and want’s good value for their money. Since testing out this foundation for a few weeks ago it has actually replaced my old foundation and become my daily go-to. It is really worth it.

For me, this get’s a 4.5/5, buy buy buy!

Until next time,

K x

Maybelline Tattoo Brow… Does It Work?

I’ve seen a lot of speculation about the Maybelline Tattoo Brow lately so I thought I’d try it out myself and see if it works.

I’m pretty much assuming this is the drug store equivalent to the Wunderbrow product which retails for £19.95 where as the Tattoo Brow retails for £12.99. To be honest it isn’t really that much cheaper but it’s worth saving the money and trying it out.

I purchased the tattoo brow from Superdrug which cost me £11.69 including student discount so £12.99 otherwise. If you want to purchase the product or have a look you can find it here.

So the tattoo brow comes in 3 shades; light brown, medium brown and dark brown. These 3 shades may not cater for everyone as they are pretty basic, maybe because it’s a new product they’ll release more? Who knows. I chose the light brown colour because I am in the process of dying my hair blonde and if it’s any good I would like to get some good use out of it.

The cost of the product is pretty good, I mean for an eyebrow product in the drugstore you could class it as a little more on the expensive side but it’s still a drugstore brand. So for £12.99 you get a small tube of product in a rather fancy looking tube. If I’m completely honest from looking at pictures it looks like you’d be getting more product if you bought Wunderbrow. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong.

tattoo brow 2So before I applied the Tattoo Brow my eyebrows were thin and lifeless, there was nothing to them. Don’t mind the un-plucked eyebrows, I’m in the painful process of growing them out.

tattoo brow

The application of the product wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it was going to be… until it got to trying to do the ends of my brows. Lets just say they’re not looking great at the moment, I would recommend using a thinner brush to do the ends of your brows if they’re thin rather than the applicator it comes with. If you’ve made any mistakes you can easily clean your brows up and wipe away any excess product with a cotton bud. TOP TIP –  make sure you tidy your brows up before the product dries as I noticed it dries very, very quickly.

I saw lots of horror stories about how people’s eyebrows had been ripped off so I didn’t want to leave it on too long that my eyebrows ripped off but not peel it off to quick that the results wouldn’t have been very good. I left the tattoo brow on for 45 minutes in total although if you want it to last for 3 days you have to let the product dry for 2 hours. Now I didn’t really have time to leave it on for that long so when looking at results bare in mind I only left it on for 45 minutes.

The Results

After 45 minutes I peeled the product off, it was quick and easy. It didn’t clump to my eyebrows or peel off in chucks; it came off in one strip and I immediately noticed the results.

My brows looked instantly fuller and the colour wasn’t patchy at all. The main thing about the tattoo brow that really impressed me is that it’s smudge proof so even after trying to rub it off with my fingers it didn’t budge. I’m yet to find out how long the product actually lasts so I will keep you updated.

tattoo brow 4

For me this product is easy to use and it’s quick to get ready in the morning now your eyebrows are already done. However, this process can be very time consuming, who has 2 hours free in the morning to just do their eyebrows alone? I would definitely recommend doing this the night before if you’ve got a busy day ahead.

Cost wise it’s pretty affordable, however it doesn’t really seem like you get a lot of product as you have to lay it on pretty thick. If you’re going to use it often I’m not really sure how long it would last you, although if it does last 3 days I guess you’re saving product you would usually use everyday, right?

I’m going to rate this product 4/5 because I think it’s very handy to have in your make-up bag and gives your eyebrows a natural tint that lasts up to 3 days.

Let me know if you’ve tried Tattoo Brow and give me your thoughts on it.

See you soon,

K x