Results Day 2017


After a seemingly unbearable 2 years, I finally received my A Level results and thought I’d document my slightly less than expected painful experience.

For AS Level I chose to take on English Literature and Language, History , RS and Welsh Baccalaureate. Throwing it a year back I was disappointed with my AS results when I achieved DDU (welsh bacc doesn’t get marked until year 2) at the end of the year. I’m still not entirely sure how I managed to get a U in RS as I thought the exams had gone well (obviously not). After a long debate I decided to enroll for my second year of sixth form and resit my two D’s in English and History and drop RS.

The second year of sixth form was for me the most challenging. Throughout the year I was achieving D’s/E’s in both my History and English assessments and many teachers began to question whether I was ready. When it came to applying to University I knew exactly where I wanted to go and that was The University of Gloucestershire to Study Criminology.  I applied for 5 different universities; University of Gloucestershire, University of South Wales, University of West England, Bath Spa University and Swansea University. My top two choices were University of Gloucestershire and University of South Wales, I chose these two because they are closest to home. I wasn’t prepared to move out and put myself in even more debt when i could just travel everyday.

During December I achieved an unconditional offer from the University of Gloucestershire, I already knew I wanted to go here but having an unconditional offer helped to consolidate my choice. However my motivation to achieve ‘good’ grades slowly reduced throughout the rest of the year and I too bothered as I already had my university place. However, the morning of collecting my A Level results I was a nervous wreck.

The day I had dreaded for the past 2 years had arrived.

I don’t remember sleeping very well that night (also due to the fact my boyfriend took up the entire bed) but mainly due to the fear of results the next morning.

I started to feel the pressure after my boyfriend obtained his university place with amazing results that morning. We hurried down to my school to collect my results, hurried back out and stood outside to open them together. I chose to let my boyfriend see my results before I did and I was shocked to see his reaction when he opened the envelope. I had managed to achieve BBD in my final A Level results.

Honestly I was so shocked to discover I had achieved a B in History, WHAT?! All throughout the year I doubted myself but somehow managed to obtain 3 A’s and 1 B in my History exams! The only grade I was disappointed about was my English grade, if I’m honest the exams were hard and I tried my best which is all that matters.

The lesson I have learnt throughout my past 2 years in sixth form is to never doubt yourself. I predicted myself to come out with CCD but I am so pleased to say I have exceeded my own expectations and I’m so excited to start studying Criminology at the University of Gloucestershire in September.