Top 5 Falling In Reverse Tunes

So I really enjoyed my last blog post about my top 5 BMTH tunes and I think you guys did to? I thought I’d come back today and hit you with my top 5 Falling In Reverse tunes as well. I wouldn’t really call Falling In Reverse Metalcore it’s more in the Rock genre.

Anyone that knows me would know I am a sucker for Falling In Reverse and Ronnie’s (lead vocalist) vocals are just unmatchable. Anyway, before I ended up writing an entire blog post on how much I love Falling In Reverse lets get onto my top 5 tunes.

  1. Popular Monster. If you read my last Music Mondays you will know I’ve been binge listening to this tune for weeks now and I’m still not bored of it. The song is mainly about Ronnie’s depression and the accusations that he deals with on a daily basis. There is so much about this tune I love but the main thing is for me its so relatable, many people have experienced the feelings of depression at some point during their life and I think this song just about sums it up.
  2. The Drug In Me Is You. There are actually two versions to this song, so you have the original which came out in 2011 and the Reimagined version which came out early February this year. Both versions are amazing and I really cant decide which one if my favourite so I thought I’d chuck them both in together. Again, I’m not going to repeat myself but I always find Falling In Reverse’s songs so relatable and hits deep.
  3. Losing My Life. I really love this song for Ronnie’s ability to incorporate rap into the rock genre. I’ve never seen another artist do something like this and especially do it as well as Ronnie does, it’s very unique and I believe thats why Falling In Reverse is so popular. This tune covers a lot, he talks about things he’s done in his past and people hating on him. If you don’t already know Ronnie has been subject to a lot of hate, I won’t go into it at all but it would explain why he believes everyone is out to get him as he says in the song.
  4. Drugs. Again, this is another tune that you can see Ronnie’s capability to combine rock and rap and also features the amazing Corey Taylor (lead vocalist of Slipknot). In this tune it is mentioned that ‘The American dream is a killing machine” this can be interpreted as the stress and pressure of living up to this dream causes people to engage in destructive behaviour. The song also mentions drugs, Ronnie himself has battled with drug addition in the past, now he’s sober it kills him to watch people he is close with going through the same.
  5. Carry On. This was a B Side song that didn’t make it to the ‘Coming Home’ album. It was released around 2 weeks ago as all of his fans begged for it to be released on Twitch (a streaming site). It doesn’t involve much rapping as their other recent songs but it has more of an out of space vibe. The vocals in this song are incredible and I can imagine it being one of those deep songs you sing with all your heart in the car or shower. Even more than that it’s going to be amazing live!

So there you have it, my top 5 Falling In Reverse tunes. Whats your favourite FIR tunes? Leave a comment and let me know!

See you soon,

K x

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