Music Monday

So if you’ve already seen my latest Instagram post I’ve decided to start ‘Music Mondays’. I’ll share with you the songs that I’ve had on repeat and absolutely loving for the past week, I thought I’d narrow it down to my top 10.

As you probably already know I mainly listen to Metalcore and Rap (weird combination I know) but if you like these genres you’re in for a treat. If not, give some of these tunes a listen and see if you like them!

  1. Parasite Eve – Bring Me The Horizon
  2. Bloody Valentine – Machine Gun Kelly
  3. Popular Monster – Falling In Reverse
  4. Angels and Demons – JXDN
  5. King For A Day – Pierce The Veil
  6. Birdcage – Holding Absence
  7. Conversations – Juice Wrld
  8. Skyscrapers (love now, cry later) – Lil Peep
  9. Sick and Tired – Iann Dior & Machine Gun Kelly
  10. Drugs – Falling In Reverse

I tried to add as many different artists/bands as I could however I have been binge listening to Falling In Reverse and Juice Wrld all week so it was pretty hard to narrow down my favourite tunes for the week but I would highly recommend Juice Wrld’s new album Legends Never Die. It’s only been out 2 days and I am absolutely obsessed with it.

Let me know what songs you’ve been absolutely loving recently.

See you soon,

K x

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