Top 5 Bring Me The Horizon Tunes

Hi my Lovelies, today I have decided to switch things up a little. Instead of being purely beauty and lifestyle blog I wanted to change the style of my writing and talk a little more about music. Without music I honestly don’t know where I’d be. I know that does seem kinda cliche but it really is true.

I have a couple bands that mean the absolute world to me and their lyrics do really hit deep and can bring me out of a rough patch and really encourage me to make myself better. As you can tell by the title, pop music isn’t really my genre of choice so, if thats what you’re hoping to read today I am super sorry! It’s just really not my style.

Typically my genre of choice would be metal (shock). I do also like rap artists like Juice Wrld, Lil Peep and Machine Gun Kelly but usually you’ll find me listening to Metalcore.

I thought I’d share with you my favourite BMTH tunes, share my reasons why they’re in my top 10 and a little background about the song. Side note: these are not in order I couldn’t decide from just 5.

If metal is your kind of genre or you love Bring Me The Horizon, read on because you’re going to love this post.

  1. Parasite Eve. Parasite Eve is BMTH newest single that was released late June 2020. There was a lot of mixed reviews to this single but from what I have seen people absolutely love it and I’ve got to say I completely agree. It has post apocalyptic kinda vibes which I was totally digging. For a tune that was written and produced in the current global pandemic is absolutely incredible. If you’ve seen the BMTH youtube series you’ll know what I mean. It’s very situational with the worlds current state, something we definitely all need to learn from. This single has literally been on repeat since it came out i LOVE it.
  2. Ludens. Another BMTH single that came out in 2019, this is also one of my absolute favourites that had to make it to my top 5. Even though many people don’t particularly like new BMTH singles/albums such as AMO and That’s the Spirit. One thing about this single I love is the catchy pre-chorus and don’t even get me started on the breakdown. This tune is mainly about the environmental issues within the world, that one day the programme will crash and the humankind will be extinct. Oli believes people need to be their own leaders, we are the people that can make change happen, not politicians/government. It really reminded me of the old school BMTH but had more of a modern day pop/rock vibe to it.
  3. Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake. Sempiternal is probably my favourite BMTH album. It was released in 2013 and there is many song on this album that I absolutely love and it was really hard to just pick the one song however I think this one takes the cake. Oli’s vocals are just unbeatable. Oli Sykes is the lead vocalist for BMTH if you’re wondering who that is. From what I believe this song was written about Oli’s old personality. He was trying to get himself off of drugs whilst battling with some suicidal thoughts; therefore telling his old personality to go to hell. It’s just a very deep, emotional album all together and has to be up there in the top 5.
  4. Drown. This was a single from Thats the Spirit album released in late 2015. Again, there is many songs I love from this album but this is one of the first ones I fell in love with. This whole album pulled me out of a rough patch I’d been going through but this song in particular means something special to me, the lyrics just hit so deep. This song in particular is about self-destruction, loneliness and feeling empty; it’s quite literally a cry for help. It seems as if Oli felt like he needed someone to help him overcome the pressure of the world so that he doesn’t drown under the pressure. Again, these lyrics hit deep with some feelings that many of us have probably felt during our life time and it’s just knowing that we’re not alone.
  5. Medicine. This is a tune from BMTH sixth studio amo album released in 2019. This album was very different to their previous albums as BMTH decided to take a different stance when it came to song writing. The song is centred around Oli’s bitter divorce with his Ex wife so some lyrics. The song is based on life being so much better when you get rid of fake friends/relationships or just people in general. Both parties in the relationship accused each other of being unfaithful. This can be interpreted in the song “you need a taste of your own medicine” Oli was a strong believer of Karma. I feel as though this is a very situational song and can also relate to bitter break-ups with friends and partners, this song helped me get through that.

So there you have it, my top 5 Bring Me The Horizon tunes that I love. If I made this list any longer than 5 it would have turned into 100!

Comment down below what your favourite Bring Me The Horizon songs are or let me know what other bands/artists you’d like me to listen to!

See you soon,

K x

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