5 Easy and Inexpensive Self Care Ideas

Hello my lovelies I’m back again with another blog post today but I thought I would focus on some mental health appreciation today. As you may or may not know I have struggled with my own mental health for a couple of years. When things are getting tough, you’re feeling stressed, anxious or just not feeling yourself; self care is one of the most important things to ground yourself and live in the moment. A way to forget whats going on in your life even if it is only for 5 minutes.

In this blog post I’m going to show you some super inexpensive and easy self care ideas that work for me. So if you’re out of ideas or looking for some new ones, read on.

Take a Bath.

This has got to be top on my list. Chuck in some bubble bath or a bath bomb, jump in and relax. I tend to use a lavender bubble bath which is known to reduce stress and anxiety. A bath, doesn’t seem like it would do much help buy surprisingly it’s one of the most stress-free things for me. A chance to have a break from reality, be on your own, listen to your favourite music, think and breathe.

Go for a Walk.

There are various proven studies that walking can improve your mood. Some studies suggest there is up to a 30% reduced risk of being depressed if you’re physically active and walking also helps people who are anxious or depressed recover. It’s easier said than done trying to become physically active when you’re going though a hard time however by doing so, going out for a walk, you’re giving your brain something it has to focus on. This is a great distraction for those who are having a tough time and can work wonders if you let it.

Write it Down.

This is something you wouldn’t think to do in the heat of the moment. Write it down. Why would you want to write down your problems when you could scream or cry instead? I know the feeling trust me. I started writing my thoughts down a few years go when I was going though a tough stage in my life as it was the only way I could get those thoughts off of my chest and finally sleep. Not only does it allow you to get it off of your chest but it also gives you a chance to rationalise your problems/thoughts as they’re written down. Start a journal, it gives you a chance to clear your head of the days troubles and leaves you feeling surprisingly free.

Indulge in a Hobby.

Spend half an hour focusing on your hobby. For example, for me it’s planning a blog post or creating a makeup look. I enjoy just doing my makeup for fun, but thats the best part about it. It doesn’t have to be some sport or something you have to pay to do. It an be as easy as going out to do some photography or as simple as reading. whatever you enjoy is the best distraction even if it is only for 5 minuets, 15 minuets an hour. thats time you’re not spending in your own head.

Declutter or Tidy.

You know what they say ‘clean room, clean mind’. I always find during an depressive episode my room is always so messy. clothes everywhere, draws cluttered, make up unorganised, shoes all over the floor. You can only imagine the state. After an depressive episode I will spend the entire day cleaning, organising and decluttering. It’s super refreshing. Move things about, create a new atmosphere. Put some of your favourite memories in photo frames, clean out the clothes/shoes that are unwanted. There is no better way to make yourself happier than surrounding yourself by thing that make you happy.

These may not work for everyone but I hope they will help at least a few of you.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

K x

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