Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Tanning Foam… Worth it?

Hello my lovelies, I know its been a long time since I’ve done a blog post but I’m just about getting into the swing of things again. I will do a life update super soon as so much has changed since I last did a blog post however, I thought my first blog post back should be be continuing my series of ‘worth it?’.

I’ve recently been diving into the world of fake tan more regularly than I would usually. I started of with the classic St Moriz but I thought I would try Bondi sands since all I ever hear about is people raving about how good it is. I thought I would put this to test myself.

I purchased the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark tanning foam from Superdrug as it was on offer so definitely couldn’t turn it down as its usually quite an expensive tan. i also decided to purchase the Bondi Sands tanning mitt as mine was pretty old and grubby at this point.

Anyway, so onto my review:

The Application

The application of the tan was actually super good now I don’t know if this because I bought the Bondi Sands tanning mitt but the tan itself went on super smooth. I did the usual exfoliate and moisturise so I didn’t do anything different, it wasn’t streaky or patchy, a very even medium brown. I was expecting it to be darker so i was tempted to put on another layer but I’m glad I didn’t as one layer was more than enough.

The Developing Stage

Ok so this is the crucial stage, am I going to get a nice even tan? Am I going to go too dark? It’s one of those things you just have to wait out. So my usual tan routine is apply the tan during the evening, wear some baggy clothes and sleep in my tan and then wash it off the following morning. So after I applied the tan it looked even and not patchy, no streaks to be seen. The only slight problem was I was left a little tacky which I wasn’t really a fan off. I wouldn’t say it was overly sticky but something just to be aware of as I hadn’t experienced this with St Moriz tan.

The Result

I was SO surprised by the result I was an even, streak-less dark colour. The best part about this tan is it wasn’t orange at all which was what I was worried about as like I said before I have a pale complexion. The best tan I have ever used by far. The tan actually lasted super long without going patchy and looking dirty as well which I was super impressed by. (I did moisturise every other day).

My Final Opinion

Price wise it is pretty expensive for a bottle of tan you could get for less that £5 whereas Bondi Sands is around about £15+ a bottle. Depending on how much you tan I don’t know if it would be very cost effective if you were to get through your tan pretty quickly. If it was on offer I think I would definitely consider stocking up. ALSO the smell of the tan was incredible as well, like literal coconuts.

I think the only really downfall to this tan would be the price but if you have the funds and you’re totally cool with paying slightly more for tan i would highly recommend. You have to remember you get what you pay for so I would have been disappointed if it wasn’t the best tan I’d ever used.

Thank you for reading, I’m super happy to be back blogging again.

Let me know whether theres anything you’d like me to review on here.

Until next time,

K x

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