My Roaccutane Journey

Hello my Lovelies, for many of you that know me or have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I’ve suffered with acne from my young teens. This is something that has always knocked my confidence and I decided I really needed to do something about it.

After countless doctors appointments being told “you’ll grow out of it” I decided this was never going to happen and I went private and paid to see a dermatologist and see what she could give me for my acne.

So back in October 2017 I went private to a skin clinic in Cardiff. Now, I’ve never gone private for anything in my entire life health wise so to me this was a super big deal and I really really wanted to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

For anyone who’s got acne (most of us do or probably have at some point) know how badly this knocks your confidence in everyday life. I was bullied throughout school due to my skin and I genuinely hated the way I looked. So as soon as I booked an appointment to see a private dermatologist I was seen within the next month. (through the NHS you could be waiting 1 year+ to see someone).

I went to my first Consultation back in October 2017 and was straight away prescribed 20mg daily of Isotretinoin also known as Roaccutane. Now this is a pretty extreme medication which is why they cant prescribe it in your local GP. It can cause all sorts of side effects like constant nose bleeds, back pain, hair loss, extreme skin dryness, liver problems, the list goes on. Before I attended my appointment I was already well aware of this medication after a lot of research and I was more than prepared to face any side effects just to feel confident in my own skin again.

I was initially only supposed to be taking the medication for 6 months (your dosage might be higher or lower depending on your height and weight). I got 6 months into the medication and I still had acne so my dose was upped to 30mg and I was required to take it for an extra 2 months just to make sure my acne was cleared. 

Just to be clear, this medication does not CURE acne and it’s not guaranteed  to work for every-one

Now onto my side effects. Because my dosage was quite low I didn’t really experience any extreme side effects. To be honest I only really experienced 3:

  • Extreme dryness of skin and lips
  • Back pain
  • Muscle aches

The side effects were actually manageable, for the dryness it was constantly moisturizing, applying Vaseline to your lips every 10 minutes, which was quite of a nightmare I won’t lie. For back pain and muscle aches I started taking fish oil supplements (you have to be careful you’re not taking any Vitamin A supplements as Roaccutane is a very high dosage of vitamin A!!!)

Now onto the dreaded before and after pictures.

Month 1

To most people this acne probably doesn’t even strike you as bad. But to me this destroyed my confidence.

Month 2

This was my second month on Roaccutane, as you can see after a month my lips are already SUPER dry and my skin is really inflamed. (for those of you who don’t know, your skin gets worse before it gets better on this medication)

Month 3

My third month is where I started to see improvements for the first time

Month 4

Slowly starting to feel more confident in my own skin

Month 5

The extent to how dry my lips and skin was, it was awfully painful

Month 6

Coming to the end of my treatment. This is when the dermatologist decided to keep me on for 2 more months.

Month 7

One more month left to go

Month 8

This is the day I took my final Roaccutane tablet (it stays in your system for a month after you’ve stopped taking it.)

Present Day

Now my skin is quite literally acne clear, my lips are slightly scarred from where I picked them when they were so dry and I’m left with a few scars.

That is my Roaccutane journey complete, this was the best decision I ever made. If you want to know what clinic i went to or what prices I paid please contact me and I’ll be happy to let you know.

See you next time,

K x

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