Weekend Away In London

Hello lovelies, sorry I’ve been totally MIA I have completely fallen behind on blogging yet again. I’m back on top of everything now. I have taken all my pictures ready for different posts so everything is set and ready to be published!

I’m not sure about you but where I live the weather is awful. The sky is grey and it looks so miserable outside. However, isn’t that just a perfect excuse to cuddle up on the sofa with a cup of tea and watch Christmas movies all day? Sounds perfect to me.


So recently my boyfriend and I spent the weekend in London. The main purpose of the trip away was The London Drum Show. Now not many of you probably know that my boyfriend (Tom) is in fact a drummer so I bought us tickets to go a few months ago. Even though the show was on Saturday we head up to London early Friday morning to make a day out of it in London. In total it took around 2 and half hours to get to Croydon (where our hotel was). We left at 7am so arrived at about 10:30am after stopping at the services for a while. The hotel wasn’t ready for us to book into our room yet so we ended up leaving our bags in the car and making our way down to the train station to get us into central London.

Now the trains/underground weren’t too bad. We thought we were going to get completely lost but the only mistake we made was getting on the wrong train once! I’m not a huge fan of the underground because it always gets so hot and crammed on them. One thing I really didn’t like was how claustrophobic it can get when the underground is so packed but I guess that’s London for you. So anyway after finally making it into Central London we had a little look around the shops in Oxford Street and then head down to Westminster where the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben are. Unfortunately they’re covered in scaffolding so the pictures weren’t really great but it was still pretty fascinating as it’s all we ever see on the TV here.

london eye

After doing the typical tourist selfies on Westminster Bridge, we head down to the Natural History Museum and had a look around there. I love the Natural History Museum in Cardiff so I knew I would love revisiting the one in London. I was particularly interested in the Dinosaurs area. There was a real life scale T Rex model there so that made my day.


On our way back to the tube station we went to ChinaTown which was an amazing experience. The atmosphere there was something I can’t even describe to you. It was surreal to see another culture in full swing and having a browse around some local shops looking at the Chinese cuisine. We tried to pick up some Chinese snacks but the shops were just so ram packed; we couldn’t justify queuing for half an hour.

china town 2china town


So Saturday we head down to The Olympia to the Drum Show. When we arrived and got our tickets scanned we were handed ear plugs, which only meant one thing. It was going to be really, really loud.

Tom went there with the intention to get loads of drum equipment after saving up money for this day. The show wasn’t as near packed as he had described it to me before so he was a little disappointed but nevertheless it was a great day.

It was packed with all sorts of drumming brands and different drum stalls run by shops. In the end Tom came out with only on thing but he wasn’t disappointed as it was amazing value for the money (lots of things are discounted at the show).

It was great seeing Tom do what he loves the most, it was like watching a kid in a sweet shop. He was in heaven. I wouldn’t hesitate to go with him again as it was a really good day out.

Overall the weekend was amazing. I don’t get to go to London often as it is quite a way away from where I live but it’s always great when I get a chance to go. Although all the walking and waking up extremely early did eventually take it’s toll on me I would love to go back to London!

See you next time with another blog post!

K x


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