Kat Von D Lolita Vs. Sleek Velvet Slipper… Is It A Good Dupe?

The Kat Von D liquid lipsticks aren’t exactly new to the makeup world but they are still extremely popular. They are on the more expensive side of things so getting your hands on one if you’re on a budget may not be appealing to you.

Luckily for you I have recently stumbled across a somewhat dupe for the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the shade Lolita. Now let’s talk about the cost difference. The Kat Von D liquid lipstick retails for around £17 depending where you get it from, if you’re going to ship it from the US it will cost just a little bit more. However the sleek matte me lip cream in the shade Velvet Slipper only retails for £4.99 which is a huge price difference.

The packaging of the Sleek Matte Me lip cream is in fact very sleek, pun not intended. It is a small rectangular shaped plastic tube which does look very high end for it’s price. The packaging of Kat Von D’s Lolita is exactly what you expect for the price. A small tall tube which sliver roses printed onto the applicator lid and a band around the bottom of the tube with the traditional Kat Von D marking. Personally I love the packaging for the sleek one because it’s just so simple but a very nice design, basically it doesn’t look cheap. However the design for the Kat Von D one is beautiful, I love the roses printed on and it looks very high end, you’re getting what you’ve paid for.

The shades are pretty similar, although Lolita is slightly lighter. I am confident that sleek do have a slightly lighter shade which could be better matched. Both lipsticks were highly pigmented and had a very similar lovely, creamy consistency that guilds onto the lips. So in that department there really isn’t much difference.

kat von de vs sleek

When I first discovered the Sleek Matte Me lipsticks I didn’t really have much hope due to having bad experiences with drugstore liquid lipstick’s before. However, I was delightfully surprised when I applied the matte me lipstick. It went on smooth and easily and didn’t leave any patches on my lips. Compared to Kat Von D’s Lolita it was pretty much the same. Lolita is my all time favourite liquid lipstick, my holy grail and go to. The application was smooth and easy to apply even if you’re not using a lip liner.

The Matte Me lipstick was mainly transfer resistant, it didn’t smudge off or leave a lipstick mark on a glass when drinking but I did notice a few bit’s of purple when eating. This didn’t really bother me too much purely due to the fact it was only £5 after all. The Kat Von D lipstick didn’t budge at all, from experience of using it before it wouldn’t smudge from touching, drinking or eating. Only the natural wear and tear of a lipstick applied so I would just touch up every couple of hours (if I was wearing it all day). Both lipsticks seem to be doing their job, however, one is considerably less cost wise than the other. So I guess it’s down to you which one you go for.

I think Sleek Matte Me in Velvet Slipper is a really good dupe for Kat Von D Lolita. It’s a great drugstore alternative especially because it will save you a lot of money. However, if Lolita is in your budget I would highly recommend getting it, it is well worth the money, trust me. There’s no harm in getting both and trying them both our for yourself. You can never have enough lipsticks.

Until next time,

K x


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