50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

We’ve all been there, completely stuck, staring into space, not knowing what to blog about. Well now you have no excuse, open up your laptop and write something cool. Here’s 50 blog post ideas for those of you who are stuck. Enjoy.

  1. What’s in your bag?
  2. Document your weekend with pictures
  3. How much does your face cost? (Add up the prices of all your makeup products)
  4. Favourite restaurants
  5. Go-to winter outfit
  6. Review a book you recently read
  7. Best drugstore makeup
  8. Best high end makeup
  9. Fitness routine
  10. Morning routine
  11. Bedtime routine
  12. Shopping haul
  13. Monthly favourites
  14. Review your favourite make-up product
  15. Favourite iPhone apps
  16. Product review
  17. Everyday makeup routine
  18. Everyday skin routine
  19. How to save money if you’re a student
  20. Try a DIY recipe and let everyone know how it went
  21. Favourite bloggers
  22. Top 10 favourite tv series
  23. Share your bucket list
  24. Share a funny story from your childhood
  25. 10 things your readers don’t know about you
  26. Share your favourite things about the month/season
  27. Write about something in the news right now
  28. Stationary haul
  29. Recipe post
  30. Share life hacks
  31. Share your favourite blogging tips
  32. Items you’re loving this month
  33. What’s in your Spotify playlist
  34. Share your life goals
  35. How to stay healthy
  36. Outfit of the day
  37. Things you can’t live without
  38. Write about your pet
  39. Why you started your blog
  40. Create a blogging mood board
  41. Date ideas
  42. Restaurant review
  43. Things to do when you’re bored
  44. Weekend getaway ideas
  45. Write about your favourite holiday
  46. Advice on a certain issue
  47. What’s on your desk?
  48. How you stay organised
  49. How to unwind after a stressful day
  50. Write an anecdote about something that’s happened to you

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I hope this list helped you out if you were stuck not knowing what to blog about. Let me know what you think!
Until next time,

K x


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