The Start of A Dr Marten Collection

Sorry for the lack of post’s recently I’ve been so caught up with university and work I haven’t made enough time to post! Don’t worry I’m back.

During my short absence I managed to get my hands on a pair of Dr Martens. I have loved these boots for years but I had never got round to actually getting a pair. I think I have got them at the perfect time of the year, the beginning of winter where all the boots start to come out!

Luckily for me I can fit into junior/youth sizes as I am only a size 5 so don’t have to pay full prices for shoes! On top of this when I also got 20% off in the store so I think all together they were about £64. I’ve just checked the website and they are now only £65 without student discount, typical. If you would like to check them out or get a pair you can get them here.

So anyway onto my review of them.

Dr Martens Black Delaney Lace Unisex Youth

The design of the boots are pretty cool. Just plain black lace up boots, you cant really go wrong. The best part about having a black pair of boots is that you can pretty much wear them with anything which is an added bonus! The one thing I love about them is the little tag on the back of the boots which I just think adds a nice touch to the look.

The fit of the boots is amazing, I had no problem with sizes, I just went for my regular size 5 and they fit perfectly. The boots are not too tight that you can’t wear fluffy socks with them but not too loose that you can’t wear just your average socks with them. So don’t worry about thinking your feet are going to suffocate during the cold weather with thick socks on!

The boots don’t really come cheap (if you don’t fit into junior size) so as for the cost it isn’t great. But I can tell you now you get what you pay for, the boots have a lot of wear in them. Dr Marten’s have always been on the costly side of shoes so I wouldn’t recommend buying them if you’re looking for just a cheap pair of boots. BUT if you do happen to have the money lying around then I would highly recommend buying them. They are well worth the money.


The materiel of them is kinda a rough sort of leather which really compliments the boots. I’m not a huge fan of the shiny material ones because I just feel like they would scuff and scratch really easily. I have a good feeling these are going to last me years.

So, if you’re looking for a nice pair of boots that pretty much go with any outfit then I would highly recommend these. They’re a little costly but they are well worth the money (especially if you’ve wanted a pair for months!)

I’m definitely going to invest in a few more pairs so if you have any suggestions on which ones to get next please leave a comment down below!

See you soon,

K x


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