October Goals

So it’s the start of October.. that only means one thing. Christmas is almost here! And if you’re anything like me you will start listening to Micheal Buble’s Christmas album from the start of October. Aside from the fact Christmas is only 85 days away the start of October means I’ve come up with a new set of goals I would like to achieve throughout October.

My September goals didn’t really go to plan. I don’t think I even completed any of them 100%. On the heath side of things I haven’t really gained a great deal of weight due to the fact I fell ill for 2 weeks and completely lost my appetite but I’m determined to change that this month. I am STILL waiting to here from the dermatologists…shock. When I finally hear from them I will update you in more detail about what I want to achieve from seeing a dermatologist. Another reason my September goals didn’t go to plan is because I decided to transfer universities and change courses altogether. A very long story I know but I will explain in more detail in another post.

Sorry for the long winded introduction, so anyway, October goals:


  • START SAVING MONEY. This is something that I always say I’m going to do but never actually do it. As soon as that money hits my account on pay day I will just start buying anything I fancy. Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve decided to start putting money away into a savings account so I physically cannot spend it. I”d love to save up to go on holiday next year so fingers crossed I manage to save some money this month!
  • I’m going blonde yay! So recently I’ve started the process of turning my dark brunette hair into blonde! Obviously it’s a very long process especially if you have dark hair like me. During my first appointment my hair would only lift to a sort of caramel colour so fingers crossed in my appointment in 3 weeks I can go even lighter.
  • As you probably have gathered I’m really excited for Christmas so I think it’s time to start Christmas shopping. I think the saving up money goal will also come in handy here.


  • After last months failure I am determined to gain more weight. I only managed to gain a few pounds so I would like to gain half a stone this month. I’m not sure whether that’s very realistic or not but why the hell not aim up and beyond?
  • This month I should definitely hear from the dermatologists, and if I don’t I do apologise for leading you on for 2 months. I am so desperate to get my skin sorted, after suffering from acne and bad skin skin the age of 14 I would be more than happy to finally put it to bed once and for all.


  • After starting a new course I am making time management a key goal of the month. I have already started this goal as I’ve been writing up notes and things after lectures so I completely understand what is going on during lectures.

I have some high hopes that I will actually complete these goals this month.

Wish me luck,

K x


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