September Favourite’s

I thought I’d share with you my September favourites as it’s coming towards the end of the month. These items are just a random variety of different things I’m loving this month.

Herbal Essences Detox Shampoo

The first thing I’ve discovered this month is the Herbal Essences Detox shampoo with the scent Golden Raspberry and mint. This claims to be light enough for you wash your hair everyday. Now I thought this was an extraordinary claim as I’ve always been told washing your hair everyday isn’t a good idea as it strips your hair of it’s natural oils. My hair and skin has always been oily and my hair always tends to get greasy after 48 hours of washing it which is terrible and also very annoying. I’ve tried this shampoo now for currently 2 weeks and I have to say the results have been really good. I haven’t washed my hair everyday but I can say it does smell really nice. And it’s good value for the cost (£2).

Costa Travel Cup

I feel like I kind of got conned into buying this (or my mum got conned into buying this, sorry mum!) First off I thought it was £5 when really it was £9.25 which sent me into meltdown. Second of all I thought I would be saving money in the long run as you get 25p off your drinks when you bring your travel cup in. After thinking this theory through I discovered I wouldn’t be saving money at all. I basically paid £10 for the cup and each coffee is almost £3, hardly saving anything. Anyway, this is in my favourite’s for a reason. Purely because it’s basically an essential for early university mornings, it’s quick and easy to use and travel with on train journey’s or in the car.

iPhone 7

This is probably the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever bought. I randomly woke up one morning and thought “I want a new phone”. I upgraded from the iPhone SE to the iPhone 7 and it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done. I love the bigger screen an the 3D touch. It’s definitely worth the money if you get a good deal on it. Although I wouldn’t go out my way to pay hundreds of pounds for it. Look on websites such as ‘Mobile Phone’s Direct’ to get good deals on phones, I found an amazing deal on there for mine.

University Planner

For getting into university my Auntie and Cousins bought me a WH Smith voucher to buy some stationary for university. I decided to buy a diary with it because you don’t get given one like you would in sixth form. I love to be organised and thought it would be handy to include times of lectures and trains I need to catch. I’m obsessed with stationary so this was a must buy for me.

Chuck Taylor Converse

I’ve been religiously wearing these since I bought them in New York back in February. I’d been dying for a pair for months and I’m so glad I bought them. They’re black so they basically go with any outfit you can think of. Ah, I just love them so much.

Green Tea

I used to drink green tea daily for months and for some reason I’m not quite sure of I just randomly stopped. Recently my mum has bought my some cranberry green tea which I am loving. I’m not sure what good green tea actually does for you other than providing loads of vitamins and being healthy. Whatever it does it’s worth it because it’s so nice. I haven’t really tried loads of adventurous flavours other than nice berry ones due to the fact I’m extremely fussy and hate lemon (which seems to be the most common one). Another reason behind me drinking green tea is because it seems to be helping my acne and clear my skin up. I’m not sure if this is proven or anything but it seems to work for me so I’d recommend you give it a try!

I’d love to hear what you’re favourite September items are, comment down below!

Until next time,

K x


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