First Day At University

The Journey To Universtiy

The dreaded journey from my hometown to Cheltenham Spa was an adventure and a half to say the least. I had to wake up at 6:45am just to ensure I could shower, get ready and get to the train station with time to spare to make sure I get on the right train. My first train of the day was 8:26am and although it was delayed I still managed to get on the right one yay! In total, I had to catch 2 trains in order to make it to Cheltenham, so when it came to catching my second train of the day that’s when it started to get complicated.

OK, I did catch the wrong train but in my defense there was 2 trains, going to the same destination, at the same time and on the platform. Because the trains were delayed I got really confused which one was stopping in Cheltenham and apparently it wasn’t the one I got on. This could only happen to me, on my first day as well, typical.

So anyway, I realised about 5 minutes into the train journey that I was on the wrong train only after the train conductor had announced that the train does not in fact stop in Cheltenham. At this point the panic had set in and I knew I was going to be late. I rushed off the train at the next stop and asked for help about which train to get on next, luckily there was a train coming in the next 2 minutes that would take me directly to Cheltenham in time for me to walk to my campus a well.

So all was well and good again with the train situation, problems then arose when I actually got into Cheltenham and I was walking to go and meet my friend to walk to uni together. Even though I had maps on my phone showing me where to go I still managed to get lost and she had to come and find me. Luckily, after this distressing ordeal we still made it to uni on time.

Meeting New People

Over the summer I had started speaking to two girls on my course and getting to know them so when I arrived at uni thankfully I wasn’t on my own. It was strange being in a brand new environment surrounded by people you have never seen before, it still hasn’t really sunk in that I go to university. I stayed with 3 girls throughout the entire day, they were a really nice bunch of girls and we all clicked instantly so I’m looking forward to getting to know them a bit more in the next couple of weeks.

I think it being the first day lots of people were very nervous so obviously not everyone was very chatty but the people who were that I spoke to were lovely. I’m definitely looking forward to starting my course properly next week and seeing more people come out of their shell.

The Tour Around Campus

My campus is relativity small but it being my first day there it seemed huge. After being introduced to our personal tutors we were given a tour around the campus, the building itself looks very historical like and even has it’s own chapel. Inside the building however was extremely modern, very different to my previous school. It was so strange walking into the canteen and being the newbies or “freshers” as I suppose we’re called now. Everyone was clearly older than us, I felt like I was back in Year 7 again.

We had a very long lunch break so me and 3 other girls took a look around the campus. We grabbed our ID cards, checked out the student bar and then just chilled for the rest of our lunch break just taking it all in. It was pretty busy on campus and that was just introduction week. I dread think how busy it’s going to get next week when university starts properly!

Overall my day was pretty hectic. I didn’t particularly enjoy the travelling as it was extremely long and stressful so I think I may look into driving instead. There was so much to take in, so many new faces and places to remember. I am still nervous and probably will be until I’ve fully settled in but I am looking forward to properly starting my course next week.

Until next time,

K x



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