Holy Grail Make Up Product of September

I’ve decided to make some sort of series as it seemed you guys liked my last make up related post which you can find here. So every month I will make some sort of post about what my favourite make-up products are at the moment.

My first holy grail make up product has to be my L’Oreal Paris Infallible Total Cover foundation which I purchased about a 2 months ago. So, here’s what you need to know about it.

  • You can purchase it from any drug store that I’m aware of, including Superdrug and Boots.
  • It retails for £9.99
  • Comes in 6 shades
  • Full coverage claims to last up to 24 hours
  • Matte finish, lightweight foundation, transfer-free

I bought this foundation due to a recommendation from a family member back in July. This foundation claims to be full coverage and even claims to cover tattoos so I thought surely it will be able to cover a few blemishes, right? Well I can tell you now it was telling the truth. This foundation is SO GOOD. The coverage is amazing and it conceals any blemishes or redness on my face.

I chose the shade 10 Porcelain (because it was the lightest one) and it’s one of the first foundations from the drug store that have actually matched my skin. Because i’m so fair I find is extremely difficult to find a cheap and affordable brand that does a fair shade which doesn’t look orange on my skin. Considering the product only comes in 6 shades I was shocked to find that the lightest shade does in fact match my skin which for me is a huge deal.

The foundation blends extremely well and it is easy to apply more coats if need be.  It leaves a matte finish with zero shine which is a bonus for me as I have oily/combination skin. It blends well with any make-up tool really, I’ve tried a beauty blender and just your average brush and both left an even, full coverage, matte finish.

The coverage on this Foundation is amazing. It definitely does what it claims to do. I have bad acne and spots and this foundation covers them completely, I don’t even have to add concealer on top! I’m in love with this foundation.

The wear on the foundation is great from my experience. I wear a primer and setting spray on top of my make-up to help it hold in place and last all day so the wear result may not be the same for those who don’t. As for the 24 hours claim I am yet to test this, I don’t normally wear my make-up more than 7/8 hours, by the end my T zones (chin, forehead and around my nose) start to get a bit oily but I’ve had worse with other foundations. So for me this doesn’t bother me as I’m always carrying around a powder compact to block out the oils.

Would I Recommend This Product?

YES. For me the answer is plain and simple, this foundation is full coverage and covers all blemishes for an affordable price. Why wouldn’t you want to buy it?

The texture of the foundation is quite thick and creamy but surprisingly it is extremely lightweight and doesn’t cake up or feel heavy on your face.

I would 10/10 recommend this foundation, especially for those who have oily/combination skin and are looking for an affordable, full-coverage, lightweight foundation.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite make-up products are.

Until next time,

K x





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