September Goals

The start of September could only mean one thing.. September goals! This blog post is going to be all about what I would like to achieve out of September. I’m starting university so would it’s almost like it’s a fresh start. New year and all that.


  • I would like to gain some more weight. I can get back to the gym and start toning up and building muscle which has always been a goal of mine just I’ve never actually got round to doing it. For me gaining weight has always been a difficult thing mostly due to my parents and family being slim but no matter what I eat I can never gain weight. I would like to be able to maintain a healthy weight and have a balanced diet which I am going to make a priority this month.
  • I am due to see a dermatologist to treat my acne and spots on my face. I have been on the waiting list since May so fingers crossed I will be seen soon. I’ve always struggled to fix my skin, from a very young age, probably the age of 13/14 I developed acne. Since then I have never been able to fix it, so I’m hoping a dermatologist can help me out.


  • I am planning new ideas to blog about, make my site more interesting and enjoyable for my readers. So keep your eye out for new content over the next couple of weeks…
  • I hope to start blogging more often. I have found that blogging is something that I really enjoy so I will make sure I create some time for sitting down and blogging in the future.


  • So, I start university this month! I plan to make an effort to make new friends, find people who share the same interests as me and enjoy my time in university.
  • I also plan to complete work whenever it is set and stay on top of everything. Good time management hasn’t always been a strong point of mine so I’m hoping to improve it this time round.

I’m hoping to try and accomplish all these goals this month, I will keep you updated!

Wish me luck,

K x


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