An Anecdotal Guide To Further Education Success

Sorry for being absent for a week or so i’ve been so busy with work and getting things ready for university, it’s been manic!

Ok, so I thought I would write about my desired future career and why I have chosen to undertake this as my goal in life. Throughout this blog I will be giving some advice on how I figured out what I wanted to do with my life after school. Hopefully people who are stuck with what they want to do can learn something from this blog.


After I finished my GCSE’s I pretty much knew I wanted to go to sixth form and what I wanted to take for A-level. My decisions were based on what I enjoyed and what I thought I was good at. For AS I chose English, History, RS and Welsh Baccalaureate. English was a subject I had always enjoyed and knew it was a subject I could succeed in. At GCSE I loved history and it was probably one of my favourite subjects, not only did I enjoy it, it was a subject I was actually good at. RS however was not a subject I typically enjoyed it was purely because I had no other subject I wanted to take and somehow managed to get a B at GCSE so I thought why the hell not. If I had any advice to give anyone if you are picking A-levels I would be to chose subjects you enjoy and not something just because you had nothing else to pick. Not only will you not enjoy it you will also find is difficult to succeed if its a subject you don’t like (take this from personal experience).

Deciding on a career

For me this was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. It took me years to figure out what I actually wanted to do with my life when I finished school. Throughout school we were always told we should know what we wanted to do probably from the age of 16. At 16 I thought I knew I wanted to be a English teacher (I loved English at GCSE) however a month or two passed and I had already changed my mind I now wanted to be a history teacher instead. I settled on this decision for months until history proved to be a difficult subject for me at A-level. Finally I managed to decide what I really wanted to do and that was to be a Scene of Crime Officer/Forensic Investigator (someone who collects evidence from a crime scene, fingerprints etc). For years I had been a huge fan of crime shows such as Criminal Minds or NCIS and loved the idea of it. My mind was fully settled on this career when I went to a university open day and looked at the Criminology course. I would highly recommend that you go to a few university open days and check out your subject. Universities have different facilities/apparatus and some universities will be better than others for your course.

My Advice

Be sensible when picking your A-levels, you want to pick ones that are relevant to your desired job/university course, don’t pick subjects just because you’ve got nothing else to pick. From my own experience I feel like I wasted an AS Level and I could have chosen something I really enjoyed and probably would have got a better grade than a U. Through research I was able to see what A-levels were necessary I had to chose in order to take criminology. Luckily for me there was no certain subjects I needed but for other courses its highly likely you’re going to need an A-level in your chosen university course.

Research. This is one of the key elements that helped me decide what career I wanted to go into after university. There are so many websites that give you details on where your chosen career can take you and what entry requirements you need etc. The main website that I used was ‘’. This website was of great help to me as it showed me which careers were available when I have completed my criminology degree.

Most of all, don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the grades you wanted. There are so many options available for you if you didn’t get the grades you were aiming for. Some university’s can lower their offer so you still may be able to go to your chosen university. Clearing is a great option for those who didn’t get the grades you needed, this process shows you which universities have your chosen course and spaces available there. So even if you don’t get the grades you need to get into your dream university there’s a high chance you will still come out with a university place. If worst comes worst there’s always the chance of resitting the year by taking a gap year. It’s not the end of the world, with patience and determination you can achieve what you want and you will succeed, no matter how long it takes you. Don’t doubt yourself.

See you soon.

K x




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