Stationary For University

If any of you know me you will know I am a stationary freak, if you aren’t interested in stationary I suggest you look away now.

I thought I would write a blog post about my ever growing selection of stationary I have bought in preparation for university. Although I have been told I won’t actually need that much stationary I decided I would go ahead and fulfill my obsession (this is also not all of it, oops).

The day of results I decided I would spoil myself to something for getting good results. However, I’m not your typical girl and didn’t treat myself to shoes, make-up or clothes. I treated myself to stationary (I know).

The first piece of stationary on my list to buy for university was pens. After carefully browsing through Tesco (local supermarket) I settled on the Paper Mate Ink-Joy ballpoint pens, in black obviously. When it comes to pens I am extremely fussy and i’m only interested in the good ones. For highlighters I obviously had to get the standard classic Staedtler pack of 4 colours.

Now when it comes to notebooks/paper you have to do the ‘paper test’. Is it soft? Is it thin? My typical choice of notebooks would be the Oxford Campus Notebook. Not only because the paper feels nice but they also come in different colours. I have plenty of different folders and organizers that I can use during university so I opted out of buying folders until I saw the Pukka Pad bundle. The bundle comes with 1 A4 lever arch file, 1 200 page refill notepad, a pencil case with a few bits in it and 5 folder dividers. The price of this bundle was only £6 so I thought it is good value for my money.

For my university course Criminology one of the books that was suggested we bought was over 1000 pages long (I know right). Therefore I decided to buy some sticky notes and index tabs just to mark where key bits of information are in books. All of this stationary came to just over £15 so I don’t think it was too expensive. Fortunately this isn’t the only pieces of stationary I will be buying for university as I’m sure I will find other bits I “need”.

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